Light & Motion – Urban 800 Fast Charge

A new pulse mode on Light and Motion’s Urban 2.0 gently fades instead of flashing, which helps drivers estimate distance during the day or night andfast charge won’t annoy cyclists on trails. Made in the USA and available in four models with varying brightness levels.


The only upgrade for your bike that will give you hours of extra riding time every day. With the popularity of 24 hour racing and the increasingly busy world, mountain bikers have found a new dimension of flow when riding at night. Many riders actually get faster laps at night with L&M lights and reminisce about tapping into a state of pure focus, an indulgent experience of fully connecting with the trail. For racing situations, an external battery is key so you have can have an extra power supply for your lights, but for many rides the all-in-one options have plenty of run-time.

Ultralight and small enough to throw in a jersey pocket or backpack and bright enough to stand alone, the Urban series is a perfect addition to any Urban seriesmountain biker’s arsenal. With the easy strap system the light mounts on and off quickly and efficiently. Toss an Urban on your helmet for that extra punch going into corners or keep one on your bars as a back-up light if you get stranded out in the night. With up to 800 certified lumens of output, the Urban can stand-alone as a primary light for the weight-conscious rider looking to get some extra riding time.

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